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          Zhejiang Haotong Machinery Co., Ltd.
          Zhejiang HaoTong Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the existing plant covers an area of 10 acres, building area of 10000 square meters, Has engaged in a production of pharmaceutical packaging machinery more than and 20 years of professiona...

          "quality of survival, innovation and development, to serve for the satisfaction" of the quality policy, and resolutely implement the IS09001 international quality management system standards

          passed IS09001 international quality management system certification, production of products in line with the GMP specification, a number of technology by national patent.
          To "customer satisfaction" for the purpose, to abide by the promise, to seek long-term cooperation with the vast number of colleagues to promote common development and make unremitting efforts.
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          Zhejiang Haotong Machinery Co., Ltd.
          • Address: NO.1 Jinguang Road, Zhangdi, Ruiyang Village, Wanquan, Pingyang, Zhejiang Province, China.
          • Tel: +86-0577-63755666
          • Fax: +86-0577-63082088
          • Contact: Yuan Guosen
          • Mobile phone: +86-13806851649
          • Website:http://www.lxhhz.com
          • E-mail:zqy@haotongcn.com

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          mobile station

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